Food Safety Spotlight: Introducing Missouri Farmers Union

September 14, 2021Food Safety

By Billy Mitchell & Tricia Wancko Missouri Farmers Union (MOFU) works to protect and enhance the economic well-being and quality of life of agricultural producers—whether they are long-established or new to their agricultural journey—and provides a home for those producers who are committed to conserving their state’s natural bounty. As part of that work, MOFU … Read More

Congress Must Act to Combat the Deteriorating Farm Economy

August 17, 2016Blog

By Zack Clark, government relations representative, National Farmers Union Last week, two major reports were released that further cemented what we already know – oversupply in the marketplace is driving commodity prices further and further downward, and after three years of declining prices, real estate values and credit conditions are beginning to deteriorate. The glut … Read More

Why Do Farmers Care About Climate Change? Extreme Precipitation

August 15, 2016Climate Column

By Tom Driscoll, NFU Director of Conservation Policy and Education For farmers, rain is generally a good thing. Crops don’t grow without water, and other NFU Climate Column posts discuss the problems farmers do and will encounter getting enough rain and water as climate change progresses. But farmers also know that too much rain all at … Read More

The Farmers Market Miracle on Main Street

August 9, 2016Blog

By Kriss Marion, Circle M Market Farm, Wisconsin Even though I’m one of those first-generation “niche” farmers, I always vowed I’d never do a farmers’ market. I got into farming because I like playing in the dirt and listening to frogs and crickets while I work. My dream revolved around shepherding animals, growing plants, shaping … Read More

Climate Column: Why Do Farmers Care About Climate Change? Drought

August 8, 2016Climate Column

By Tom Driscoll, NFU Director of Conservation Policy and Education Crops won’t grow without rain, and livestock producers remember the enormous problems experienced with the severe drought in 2012. Drought is frightening for farmers and expensive for consumers. USDA’s Southern Plains Assessment of Vulnerability and Preliminary Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies for Farmers, Ranchers and Forest Land … Read More

Climate Column: Why Do Farmers Care About Climate Change? Heat Stress on Livestock

August 1, 2016Climate Column

By Tom Somrack, NFU Government Relations Intern As the previous Climate Column noted, rising temperatures resulting from climate change can have serious repercussions for both crop growers and livestock producers. According to the National Climate Assessment: Climate Change Impacts in the United States, “Summer temperatures are projected to continue rising, and a reduction of soil moisture, which exacerbates heat waves, … Read More

Climate Column: Why Do Farmers Care About Climate Change? Introduction

July 18, 2016Climate Column

By Tom Driscoll, NFU Director of Conservation Policy and Education At the 2016 National Farmers Union (NFU) convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, NFU members established that the organization should “lead efforts to help educate family farmers, ranchers and rural communities about how to adapt to the effects of climate change on their respective operations” and “support efforts … Read More

NFU Announces Largest Participant Class for 2016-17 Beginning Farmers Institute

June 28, 2016Beginning Farmers, Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 28, 2016 Contact: Andrew Jerome, 202-314-3106 [email protected] WASHINGTON (June 28, 2016) – National Farmers Union (NFU) Beginning Farmers Institute (BFI) was created to empower the success of America’s next generation of farmers, and the NFU Foundation is pleased to announce the largest participant class in the program’s six-year history. Seventeen beginning … Read More