Even in the best of times, farming can be an incredibly high-stress occupation. Unpredictable weather, crop disease, volatile markets, heavy workloads, and social isolation are just a handful of the challenges that farmers may face.

These conditions force many family farmers and ranchers to make tough financial decisions that will impact their families, communities, and the entire country.

National Farmers Union compiled the following resources to help farmers through stressful times.

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American farmers and ranchers are facing a 50 percent decline in net farm income since 2013. National Farmers Union (NFU) has heard many stories of growing hardship and stress impacting our members’ communities over the past two years. Data compiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Federal Reserve Banks, and academic institutions provide evidence of the hard times farmers and ranchers are facing.

To help us better inform decision makers about the need for assistance, we encourage you to share the challenges you’re facing on our website and encourage your neighbors to do so. NFU will continue to make your voices heard and ensure more groups and offices in Washington recognize the problem.

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